About Jana

Jana is a local Real Estate Broker Owner, investor and developer. Jana's father came to Monterey Peninsula in the 1930's and recognized the beauty, he applauded the bohemian sense of community on this beautiful Peninsula and made it his home.
Jana has always had a great Passion for Real Estate starting in College in Hawaii buying her first house with friends (Hui) at 19 and obtaining her Real EstateLicense at 22.
Jana returned in 1987 and has done hundreds of transactions all over this wonderful Peninsula her heart being in Carmel Valley but happy to be of service on the entire Peninsula and is well versed on all of Monterey County. Jana has done subdivisions, attended and participated in local land use groups and developed properties here for over 20 years, having dropped 7 wells herself she is familiar with the intricacies of obtaining water and on local development issues.
Jana prides herself on being available to her clients every step of the way. She will personally answer your calls and find solutions to any and all of your needs.
You will find Jana’s knowledge (Akamai) of The Monterey peninsula to be unparalleled. The ability to negotiate transactions and get you to where you too can “Live the Dream” is Jana’s goal.
If you are selling your house Jana and her crew can ready it for Sale spending the least to get the most return. The special relationships and mutual gratitude that Jana has acquired over her many years of service make all involved get” the highest and best” Jana has many references that are happy to share their personal experience with you.
There may be agents that do more volume as Jana used to averaging 6 -10 deals a month during the craze from 2000-2007, but she has found that the 10- to 12 deals (opportunities to be of service) a year that she gives 100% to give more satisfaction all around. A job well done is a job well earned. You will never have the frustration of not being able to talk to your Broker or be offed on an underling you will have the woman you hired with 32 years of experience available, affable and able 24/7.
There is never a dumb question, all your queries will be answered to your satisfaction. Jana has relationship’s with the best lenders at the best rate and will help you through the process.
Please feel free to call anytime with any questions you may have. Having spent 11 years in Hawaii and having ku’u lei (most beloved) family there she abides by the spirit of Aloha and is happy to share that with you. Never say good bye a hui Hou kakau (Until we meet again).
I am happy and grateful to help, the local resources that I have are yours you will not find more loyalty or enthusiasm.

Sincerely, Jana




Jana Robinson Bradford

Real Estate Broker


28 W. Carmel Valley Rd.,

Carmel Valley, California 93924-9519


831-915-0522 ~ Cell

831-308-3222 ~ FAX